London Technology Consultancy release new service offering: BaaS - Backup as a Service

Pantopics LogoLondon Technology consultancy Panoptics, has today announced the release of their new service offering BaaS - Backup as a Service. BaaS is a hosted, secure backup solution deployed using industry leading Veeam Cloud technology.

Hosted and replicated between 2 tier 3+ datacentres in London Docklands and Slough, Panoptics BaaS provides a robust, flexible backup solution for clients on-premise infrastructure, colocation hosted solutions and Panoptics hosted virtual machines.

Panoptics are only one of a handful of technology partners in the UK accredited to offer Veeam Cloud services.

With a completely scalable service level framework, Panoptics BaaS is an efficient and practical solution for any size of business. Clients benefit from attractive cost savings with a scalable pay as you go service without compromising the critical service required.

Simple, secure & easily integrated into existing systems BaaS gives businesses the confidence of knowing that not only will their data be backed up quickly but is easy to retrieve as and when it is needed. Industry leading technology enables one single way of providing short-term recovery, long-term retention and Disaster Recovery (DR), in turn eliminating any worries about data loss or interruptions to business operations.

Panoptics have trialled this new service with a number of customers, some with complex networks and multi-location operations across the world.

One of which includes Clarion Events; their service delivery manager Liz Hughes explained ‘we needed an off-site replica of 52 of our virtual machines, and had storage constraints in our second data centre. Panoptics scoped and implemented the solution within just a few days and we have enjoyed the benefit of having an additional disaster recovery site for less than the cost of a new shelf of disks. We consider Panoptics to be a highly trusted partner having worked with them for several years; the service we receive from them is invaluable. Their consultative approach to support and recommendations they provide help us to run projects quickly and efficiently’.
Andy Lang, Panoptics technical director said ‘Consistent, off site backups are unattainable  for most customers, so the ability to provide Backup and Disaster Recovery automatically using our Veeam Cloud Connect means that we are able to solve these two critical requirements with one integrated service.’

Panoptics provide the complete spectrum of IT requirements including managed services, supply services, datacentres and connectivity to a broad client base of SMB’s and blue chip global brands across diverse industry sectors throughout the world.

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